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Monday, May 28, 2012

Soybean Condition

We are wrapping up the sampling season on corn ground.  I have a few replant and late planted fields left, but I am going to be seeing mostly soybeans until we wrap this up.  I have sampled some April planted soybeans that look really good even as dry as it is.  Soybeans planted in the last 2 weeks are still emerging.  One of my clients observed that his treated soybeans were slow to germinate.  I think we may be killing some of the microbes that break down the seed coat.  This is a good thing in wet weather, but we will see the final result in dry weather.  Has anybody else noticed this?

Younger soybean stands are spotty.  They should have been planted in decent moisture, but may have been planted too shallow.  I am seeing 2 leaf beans and ungerminated beans in the same field.  Insect pressure seems to be OK for now. 

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