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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cellulosic Ethanol Plant.

I ran across the news that DuPont is opening a cellulosic ethanol plant in Iowa.    This is a big deal in the world of agriculture.   DuPont is planning to use corn stover as the cellulose source, but if they can make it work with corn, it can work with any cellulose source.  The real potential in cellulosic ethanol is the fact that perennial crops such as Prairie Cordgrass and Switchgrass can be used as the cellulose source.  This gives farmers the chance to produce a crop on marginal cropland without contributing to erosion related problems.

1 comment:

farmnwife said...

You notice it wasn't built in IL.
We have been approached by a university to do some research acres with switchgrass. Maybe with the new plant they'll get some funding.