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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Technology to Watch for.

My blog today focuses on new technologies that bear watching.  This is not an endorsement, just a suggestion to keep an eye on these things because they have potential to help with making crop production decisions.

Advanced Ag Solutions is offering an App Optimizer that appears to monitor moisture, rainfall, growing degree days and other factors to help make field by field decisions about in season nitrogen application, applying crop protection products and possibly where field work is possible in a given day.  I am not sure of cost.  The reliability of the model depends on the amount of data input.

Another such technology is Solum soil testing.  Solum obviously hits a chord with some producers. They call into question the value of current testing methods, but I am not sure what else they can measure against.  None the less, this company appears to be trying to change how we make soil fertility decisions.  This evaluation of their nitrogen methods adds credibility to Solum.   Again I am not sure of costs.   

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