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Sunday, January 26, 2014

6 Strategies To No-Till For 300 Bushels And Beyond

The title above was used for Marion Calmer's presentation at the National No-till Conference.

  • Calmer's number one point was to maintain a positive attitude.
  • He said that plant population and genetics go hand in hand.  Almost all modern seed has the genetics to produce 300 bushel corn.
  • He said to treat corn like a grass.  He thinks that 12 inch corn rows may be just a step toward solid seeded corn.  
  • Calmer says that compaction control may be a key.
  • He says that current ideal levels of soil fertility may be too low.  He also stressed the need for regular soil testing.
  • Calmer also said that residue management will be a key.  
Calmer also discussed his on farm research.  He likes field length strips because they simulate field conditions.  While that may be true, you also need to consider soils.  Strip trials are a good way to get a good look at nitrogen management and pesticides.  What ever you look at, make sure there is only one variable in your trials.

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