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Friday, January 24, 2014

Soybean Harvest Progressing in Brazil

By Eduardo Paim:

Soybean production reports near the cities of Sapezal, New Mutum and Sinop say producers are reaping an average of 53 s / c per hectare. In Guiratinga media is 55 s / c per hectare. In the region of the Itiquira some producers are average of 52 s / c hectare. Harvested area is still small due to the rain delay at the start of the planting; for example, in the Br 163 (Ipiranga's Note and Smile) region they still have media bags per hectare as yet started Crops. Crop in other previous years colheira was already advanced. 
The constants rains in recent days has hampered the progress of the harvest, even without a yield and quality of soybeans reduction. Is too early to say that the harvest will be great, we are just beginning, we have a lot of rain forecast for the months of February and March, double the January rains (200mm). Let's keep watching!

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