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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting Tired of Winter? Is your Planter Ready?

Planting season could start in 60 days or so.  Are you ready?  We have the ability to place crop protectants and seed with great accuracy, but are we doing that?  Planting is especially critical when it comes to corn.  The more evenly space we are within rows, the better off we are.  We want even spacing no matter what the row width.  We also want uniform planting depth so that the crop will all emerge at the same time.  I have seen some research that says if all plants emerge within 72 hours, it is close enough.  I would say the closer we get to all corn out of the ground within 24 hours, the better off we are.  Precision Planting offers their top ten tips for making sure your planter is ready. 

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