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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Glow in the Dark Plants

Monday morning I was listening to the morning farm show on my local radio station WSMI.  The farm reporter was interviewing the founder of a St. Louis company called Bioglow that produces genetically engineered plant that glows in the dark.  For most of the interview they focused on the novelty of the ornamental uses.  I thought right away about how a glowing gene might make it easier to spot plants with problems such as disease or insect infestations.  It is likely that glowing field crops would not be as bright if they were not healthy.  Will this ever be a practical technology?  Who knows?  In fact in the later part of the interview they did discuss implications of plant health.  Starlight Avatar Plants are currently available on the company website in a limited quantity at a price that would limit me.  Here is the podcast of  Angela Boesche's Morning Farm Show From WSMI from January 13. You can skip about the first half if tou don't want to hear markets etc. 

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