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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Field Work Started

Field work seems to be getting more widespread every day.  I am seeing dry fertilizer and nitrogen being applied.  Now is the time to put nitrogen on wheat.  I hope those applying nitrogen are using inhibitors at this point.  It is a long way till mid June when the corn will need the nitrogen.  we have heard that some peole to the south are trying to put on nitrogen in wet conditions.  THink of the soil compaction you are causing.  Also, If it is too wet to close the trench and you are seeing puffs of vapor long after you make your pass, it is too wet.  You are losing too much nitrogen. 

The news media seems to concerned about the long winter and possible planting delays.  I don't see that as an issue at this point.  If we continue on the dry side, I expect to see planting started in our area the week of April 7, no matter what the soil temperature.  I have said it here before.  Modern seed treatments and good seedcorn can sit in cold ground for a while.  Warm and wet creates problems.  So does rain immediately after planting.  Ideally we should not plant corn the day before a big rain.  With uncertainties about the planting window, that may be difficult. 

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