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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Soil health testing

Researchers and conservationists have been searching for years, for a way to quantify the benefits of  conservation farming methods in an objective way.  Richard Haney of Agricultural Research Service developed a test to look at biological activity in soils by testing the respiration activities in the soil.  The complete test also looks at fertility and carbon to calculate a soil health index. You may have heard the test referred to as the Solvita Test.  

Soil-Right Consulting Services is associated with Brookside Laboratories in New Bremen, Ohio.  Brookside is one of three laboratories in the United States qualified to perform the test. I found this blog that provides a good summary of the test.  We are looking forward to helping our clients to use this new test to see in the long term, what improvements they are making to their soil by keeping high amounts of crop residue on the soil surface and keeping live roots in the soil with cover crops. 

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