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Friday, January 9, 2015

Harvest Progress in Brazil

by Eduardo Paim:

The first soybean crops of 2014/15 crop being harvested in Mato Grosso and Paraná with very irregular yields. In Mato Grosso early super soybeans being harvested, to plant cotton, yields in the early harvested crops, which do not exceed 3 percent of the planted area, are ranging between 35 and 64 bags per hectare.
Good yields are occurring in areas that received isolated rains, only irrigated areas managed to ensure good yields in general to the first plants crops.

In Paraná, there were also delay planting due to lack of rains in the early crops have yields between 33 and 66 bags per hectare. By the end of January should reach 3% of crop in the state, 2% less compared to the average of previous years.

We are still facing irregurares rain is pouring down rain in some places and not in others, is very hard to say what will the average production at the end of harvest!

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