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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hauling Grain

Today I went to the farm to repair the tailgate on my truck.  The hinge was broken and it was either weld it or get a new tailgate. 
 My brother was loading grain.  It takes about an hour to load the truck.
 He hauls most of his grain to Kemper's Landing.  It is a barge loading facility owned by Gateway FS.  The facility is located on the river side of the levee, so most of it is flood proofed or mobile except fot he bins and scale.  You can see that the scale house is a trailer. 
 Sign in the unloading building.
 There was a fully loaded barge waiting to move downstream where it will be put into a tow. 
 The grain comes off the truck much faster than it goes on. 
In addition to the ride along, I got to see over 50 eagles.  My brother was complaining about people just stopping in the middle of the road to view the eagles.  There was car that did just that.  I'm not sure why they don't pull over. 

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