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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Site Specific Management

I debated on writing anything on this topic today, but decided that a summary of my day was in order.  Today I attended the 360 Yield Center Yield Summit in Washington, IL.  Greg Sauder made some compelling presentations on variable rate seeding and Nitrogen management.  He used the day to highlight what his new company is doing and how to fine tune the technical aspects of your farming operation.  Many of his suggestions revolve around his Yield Commander program.  He also discussed residue management and his new snapping rollers for your corn head.  He also discussed two sprayer products, Y-drop for nitrogen application and undercover for fungicide/insecticide application.  His products are thoroughly tested and all of them have merits.  You have to figure out if and how the products fit into your operation.  The pitfall I see in the site specific management is that you need good data to input in order to get good data out of the system.   I could go into much more detail, but I would probably prefer to answer questions about specific products by email. 

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