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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dirt, The Movie

I got my new Crops, Soils, Agronomy News today.  The cover article was about the credibility of soil scientists and the need to promote the Profession.  My big three professional credentials are Certified Professional Soil Scientist , Certified Professional Soil Classifier , and Certified Crop Advisor.  I am proud of my affiliations that provide my credentials.  Professional credentials tell you that the professional cared enough to take a test, spend a little money, and most importantly, continue to learn about their profession in order to keep up with the newest developments. 

The article pointed out that Dirt, The Movie helps promote soil as the source of all life and helps to promote the profession of soil science.  I was fortunate to see a pre-screening of the film at the Soil and Water Conservation Society annual meeting in July of 2009.  I think I might have mentioned it then.  The movie is cleverly done and combines animation with documentary types of discussions.  While I took exception to a few of the assertions, I think it is a great, entertaining, and educational tool.  View the film and then ask a soil scientist questions about it to clarify certain points.

If you need professional assistance with soils, someone with one of my certifications might be able to help you.  One of the key points of being certified is that you follow ethical standards.  The key standard to me is that if you don't know the answer, you disqualify yourself.   All of my credentials cover certain aspects of soil science.

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