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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fairview Heights.

Yesterday we went to Fairview Heights by way of Litchfield.  We took Route 4 south at Worden.  Fields were very wet from the rain.  The good news is that National weather Service estimates we had around a half inch of rain. Water standing in the fields is a sign that soil is saturated.  The good news is that the water should go away fairly quickly.  Another good thing about the rain is that is should help take the last of the frost out of the ground.  The soil in my yard has firmed up now.  I suppose we will have typical early spring weather for now.  I am not sure how this moisture fits into the La Nina pattern.

On another happy note, the winter wheat is looking good.  It is still dormant, but seems to be developed about where we want ti at t his time of year.  If the freezing and thawing is limited and there is no heaving we should be off to a good start.

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