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Monday, April 23, 2012

Comments on Today's Weather and Crop Report

It is always interesting to get the new weather and crop reports.  They say my area, West Southwest, has 80% of corn planted.  That seems like about the right number to me.  18% reported being short of moisture in the topsoil.  I have not seen that, and I would venture I have bored more holes in the topsoil than any of the reporters.  29% have reported short subsoil moisture.  I am not sure how that can be when tile are running. I was finding Japanese beetle grubs in one field today. 

55% of winter week is headed statewide.  Most in our area is headed.  9% of alfalfa is reported as cut.  I think we are higher than that.  Growth has slowed with below average temperatures, but it still needs to be cut now.  Waiting to cut alfalfa will make for lower quality hay. 

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