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Monday, April 2, 2012

Corn Planting Progress

The big news in agriculture is the progress in corn planting.  The Illinois Weather and Crop report this week says that 5% of the corn is planted.  There were no regional statistics this week, but in my area, mostly West Southwest, it is all over the board.  The customer I sampled today has all his corn planted.  Some people are kind of in the middle of it and some have not started.  I am still seeing a lot of nitrogen being applied. In Macoupin County, North of highway 108 maybe 20% of corn is planted over all.  In Montgomery County the line of demarcation is  roughly highway 16 and the percentage is about the same.   Looking at the long range weather forecast, it would be difficult to make  a case for not planting at this point.  I would not be surprised to 50% of corn planted in Illinois next week unless there are weather related delays.  There is rain in the forecast Tuesday and Thursday.   I might be interesting seeing dry corn harvested the first week of August.  A few say they are going straight to soybeans. 

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