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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainfall and Drought

Rainfall Last 90 Days (click pictures to enlarge)

Drought Conditions in Illinois

Two information sources concerning long term weather conditions are National Weather Service rainfall maps and the US Drought Monitor a cooperative site maintained by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  The areas of Illinois with the lowest rainfall also show as having slight  drought conditions.  We do have more rainfall on the way and the drought monitor map will be updated to reflect this week's rainfall on Wednesday. I hope we got enough rain to plant crops in those dry areas.  In Montgomery, Macoupin and surrounding counties, we will miss several days of field work this week.  I do expect that the rainfall will help the frozen corn to recover quickly.  I also expect that corn planted in the last 2 weeks will be among the best yielding this year.  The jury is still out on the corn planted in March.

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0s0-Pa said...

Now that the rain is coming, it's time to make sure the inlet filters are in place and there to help reduce the spreading of sediments and erosion control!