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Friday, August 17, 2012

300 Bushel Corn

No not this year.  It is just that it caught my eye because of two articles this month.  Dr. Fred Below is a big proponent of trying to grow 300 bushel corn.  Fred talks about what is needed in an Agri-News article.  He admits that water is always a big question mark.  We already know that we have the genetics to make it happen,  but how do we make 300 bushel corn commonplace.  Fred mentions nitrogen management.  I agree that next to water, nitrogen is the most difficult to control.  We need to find ways to keep nitrogen in the soil in stable form for a longer period of time.  Urease inhibitors, dentrification inhibitors, and timing are key.  I think we will see more sidedress applications and later sidedress applications in order to get nitrogen where we need it and when we need it.

Farm Progress publications is co-sponsoring a Yield Challenge contest to challenge producers to put their best into corn production.  We may not have the corn crop we like this year, but all farmers have to be optimistic about the future.   Thinking beyond water and nitrogen, precision technology may help us get to field size 300 bushel corn.  Why?  In order to correct problem areas that cut into yield, we need to pinpoint those areas and treat them.  Drainage and fertility issues are the most treatable.  How do we deal with sandy soils?  Use precision technology to put fewer inputs on them.  If they do not produce then stop pouring on the seed and fertilizer.  Does that get us to 300 bushel corn?  No but it is just good management.  Check out what Willie Vogt has to say a about precision this month.

I wrote a previous blog on fertilizing for 300 bushel corn.  

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