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Monday, August 13, 2012

Weather and Crop Report

Illinois weather and crop report shows a little more corn harvested than last week.  I expect some serious move to harvest something next week.  Corn condition is pretty much unchanged.  Soybean condition is slightly improved.  Temperatures were cooler than average last week.  We have not said that in a long time.  Precipitation was under average for last week.  I took a little tour in Montgomery and Macoupin county today.  Green corn was laid over by recent winds.  Dry corn is losing tops.  All the soybean fields I stopped in were setting and starting to fill pods.  I am not going to say they are well podded, but with some more rain we could see a decent soybean harvest.  Moisture is so low that we cannot expect to get good pod fill with existing moisture. 

Tops are breaking out of dry corn.

Green Corn went down

Soybeans are podded

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