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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Business Commits to Small Town Roots

National Bank is a small town bank with headquarters right here in Hillsboro Illinois.  They have locations in 11 communities in south-central Illinois and provide complete banking services to our business and agricultural people. Most people in  Hillsboro were delighted to hear the bank  was needing more space and planned to construct the new building below. The building covers a half block in the downtown area.  The building was designed to blend in with historic architecture in the downtown area.  Workers were hired locally to the extent possible to complete the construction.  All this is the good news.

The bad news is that the construction has been completed for 3 months.  They did everything possible to eke sure they were in compliance with all  banking   and environmental regulations.  Despite their  best efforts, banking regulators are holding up the move to the new facilities because of NEPA issues that should have been addressed during the planning and construction phase.  While I do not have all the details, it would appear to be an example of government run amuck. Small towns need committed business and we have one, but we seem to be bogged down here.

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