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Friday, July 18, 2014

Illinois River Navigation and the Flood of 2013

The importance of the Illinois River to agriculture in Illinois is huge.  In 2013 record flooding on the Illinois River caused some unanchored barges to damage the Lock and Dam at Marseilles.  The breakaway barges cause huge a mounts of damages, interrupted shipping and may have contributed to flooding of an elementary school.  Ken Olson and Lois Wright Morton did an excellent job of giving background on the Illinois River navigation system.  They also wrote an excellent report in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

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Kenneth Olson said...

Dave: The Homeland security web site pick up the original article since it relates to the infrastructure damage (shipping).This is the 3rd topical issue that the flooding series in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation relates to. The others are climate change (frequency of extreme events) and food insecurity. Ken
Thanks for posting this article.