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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reduced corn yields in Brazil

By Eduardo Paim: 
At this point we can begin to understand that we will not have all the corn we expected toharvest in the northern state of Mato Grosso. On the best plantandos early corn we are now realizing a 20% reduction in production and the corn that suffered from the lack of rain we can expect a reduction in output of up to 35% (or even more); In southern Mato Grosso harvest has not yet begun. We first started harvesting in the north. The producers here waiting better prices and have almost almost no  maize (best price of $ 9.00 per 60kg sack) now have price U $ 6.30 per bag of 60 pounds. Inother words, we're not reaping all the maize that was expected and the price can be better! But every time our government informs the numbers they say that production will record ... do not understand how the less becomes more? 

Soybeans have little available, prices plummeted but producers are not selling hoping to return to U.S. $ 29.50, today we have U $ 26.00. We're not seeing crashes in 2015, prices are very low (about $ 19.00).

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