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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Road Trip to Chicago

We made a weekend road trip to Chicago.  We like to take I-57 north from Champaign.  When we got to Decatur, we decided to head toward Bloomington because of storms. Crops along the way looked good until Dwight.  There were a few spots showing stress from wetness.  North of Dwight the wetness issues got worse.  The addition rain probably added to the stress.  Soils remain on the dry side in my home area.

On the way home we were able to return via I-57.  There was lots of wetness stress and heavy rains had fallen on Saturday as well.  Where not drowned out, crops were looking decent.  Along the I-57 corridor,  the corn was not as far along as other corn we have seen.  only maybe 50% was pollinating until we got close to Champaign.  Kaskaskia River was running bank full at Tuscola. We still had no rain at Hillsboro when we arrived home, but as we tried to unload the car we had a pop up shower. 

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