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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Comments on Weather and Crop Report

I noticed a few surprising things in the weather and crop report this week.  The first is that We are somewhat ahead of average on growing degree days since May 1.  Nitrogen loss and growth conditions should both lead to earlier maturity.  Also , I have never seen any research on the subject, but extremely dry weather seems to slow maturity.  We will not have that this year.  We had a bit of corn planted the first week in April.  I am expecting to see combines in those fields by September 1.  Everyone is waiting for early yield reports to debunk the USDA crop estimates, but I am expecting early yields to be decent except where ponding became an issue.

I am also surprised to see anyone reporting short topsoil moisture.  At this point a few weeks of dry weather should be welcome.  I sampled yesterday and moisture was not an issue in any way.  Corn condition over all continues to drop.  I suspect when leave turn yellow and lower leaves start to dry up, reporters are lowering their condition numbers.

Haying is reported as a major activity the past week.  This is the best haying weather we have had this year.  I expect that second or third cutting is better than normal, but probably does not make up for the over mature and rained on hay that was harvested earlier in the year.

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