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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wisconsin Road Trip

I attended my annual consultants meeting held this year at Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  I followed I-55 and I - 39 north and then turned east on IL 72 and took IL 23 north to the border.

Wetness issues were present the whole trip.  Most of the way north I saw corn experiencing yellowing because of nitrogen loss.  Wetter areas were obviously wors with corn severely stunted.  In some places corn was drowned completely.  Some of the stunted corn will not set any kind of ear.  The yellow color was evident even through sunglasses.  North of i-94, corn looked  a little better, but I did not pass as many corn fields either. On the way home yesterday, yellowing seemed even more evident if that is possible.  Lower leaves are dying back because of the nitrogen issues.

Soybeans are in somewhat better condition, although there were unplanted fields all along the highways I traveled.  We have heard some reports of SDS, but I did not see any evidence on my trip.

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