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Monday, August 10, 2015

In Row or Near Row fertilizer

Daniel Kaiser of the University or Minnesota made a presentation called "Management of Fertilizer Placed with Seed."  His presentation left me with little information to recommend in row fertilizer.  He found that in row fertilizer made the corn look better early in the growing season, but did little to improve yields.  To me it is an additional headache not needed at planting time.  There may be situations where it is appropriate, but producers need to keep in mind the extra work. Kaiser did say that potassium in row did nothing for seedling vigor or yield.

Salesmen, especially of liquid products sell their product on the idea that in row placement is more efficient.  You can get the same yields with half the fertilizer.  This might be true in the short run, but if you are looking to maintain fertility. you will need to blanket apply too.  The plant roots do not know that they are supposed to pull fertility from the row only.  I have sampled fields where fertility was  not maintained because of in row fertilization.  Fertility was in the dumper.

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