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Saturday, August 15, 2015

End of Corn Soybean Classic

Really, the Corn - Soybean Classic was started as an alternative to county by county agronomy programs that had become burdensome because of costs, low attendance and not enough specialists to cover the territory.  The Classics have filled that void and made more efficient use of staff time.  Now, staff is no longer able to support even those venues.  Even though information is available from other sources, the Corn-Soybean Classics have been a staple in continuing education.  The U of I announced this week that 2015 was the last year for Corn-Soybean Classics.

It is a shame that our politicians can find money for all sorts of pet projects, but the cannot support fund our great university and agriculture.  Agriculture is our largest industry and University research and extension is a key in helping Illinois Farmer remain competitive.

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