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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ideal Soybean Populations

I have written on the topic in the past.  Cost cutting is difficult when looking at low prices.  We can't skimp on inputs because it affects the bottom line negatively.  We need to look at logical things to cut.  If you have  a good soil test, maybe you can cut back on fertility.

Another place to look at cutting back is soybean planting populations. Dr. Shawn Conley shared is research with us.  Much of his research is posted on his web site as well.  While certain practices may pay off in increased yield, they don't pay for themselves.  Multiple applications of fungicides are one of these thing.  High seeding rates also do not pay.  Conley found that germinated populations of 100,000 plants or more were enough for top yields.  He also said that replanting does not pay if you have more than 50,000 plants in the field.  This is consistent with other researcher's findings.  Conley is also an advocated for narrow row soybeans. He says even 20 inch rows are a big improvement over 30 inch rows.

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