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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lime in the spring?

I have read 2 articles about lime in the spring.  Fall is a popular time to apply lime.  Usually, winter moisture can help dissolve the lime and get it activated.  Lime is important because it affects the availability of the rest of your nutrients.  If soil tests call for more than 4 tons of lime, we usually recommend just 4 tons.  A re-check will tell you if you need more lime.  I dry years like we jut passed through, lime may not dissolve as expected.  In that case patience might be in order.  If your soil called for over 2 tons of lime, you should probably get after that as soon as possible.  Corn seems to handle acidity better than soybeans, so if you need to prioritize, maybe you can put the lime where it is needed the most.  In general keep in mind that lime is the one soil amendment that makes all the rest of them work.  Microbes also need favoragle calcium and magnesium levels to work properly.  

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