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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update on What is Happening in Brazil

 By Eduardo Paim:

Here in my state (Mato Grosso) the government has not released information closing the soybean harvest, but some companies are saying we will have a reduction of 5% to 8% in soybean production. We have a few areas to be harvested.
There are continued production problems in Bahia. We're having good rains for the winter corn. If we have two more 40mm rainfall in the month of April we will produce a lot of corn, another thing that is helping the corn is cool climate in the state of Mato Grosso. The rains were not even here!
I am enclosing pictures of soybeans that looked today, the crop has not been fully harvested because we are having rain every day for the past 10 days. It may be noted that grains are ugly.
Today companies do not have to expect to see prices here to the USDA. Here we have only 25% of soybeans to sell, the other 75% farmers have sold. Prices should improve in Brazil for lack of soybeans, but need to lower freight rates. For corn prices are very low, U $ 7.45 bag of 60Kg in my city of Rondonopolis, in December 2012 the company paid in corn U $ 10.60, shipping July 2013.
We have queues of trucks, problems of bad roads and lack of good ports!

Happy Easter to you there and may the Lord Jesus bless everyone!

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