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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spreading the Gospel…..So to Speak.

By Randy Darr - President - Soil Right Consulting Services, Inc.  

I had the opportunity last week to return to my alma mater, Western Illinois University, and speak to the nutrient management class taught by Dr. Joel Gruver.  It is always fun to go to speak to groups about what we do and why we do it.  I feel that it is important to spread the news about not only our work but the absolute awesomeness of being allowed to work with and learn about God’s creation.  I have spoken to a whole myriad of groups through the years and I always try to relate how wonderful and important agriculture is to the world.
I impressed upon the students that there will be many challenges ahead for them to find answers to in their lifetime.  The biggest challenge of all throughout the rest of time will all be related to water quality.  The amount of water in the world is constant.  Quality and location is increasingly becoming the issue of the century.  Most of us as mature adults may not be affected, but, the next generation will need to address this issue with diligence and fervor.  I am sure that it can be done.  With brilliance, ingenuity and our American way of life any answer can be found.   

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