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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Management Tips for 2013 and Beyond

Dana Nanda wrote "Set the table for higher yields in 2013" in the February issue of Prairie Farmer.  Yes I am getting current on my reading list. The article is well done, but the headline is a little misleading because some of the advice applies long term.  If a producer has not been managing well, it is hard to get caught up in one year.  The advice about matching inputs to realistic yields is a good one.  Don't go with the 40,000 seed population on your 120 bushel corn ground.  He says a lot about soil fertility and soil testing most of which I agree with.  There does need to be some order to implementing some of the practices.  For example, there is no use messing around with applying micro-nutrients until you have calcium and magnesium levels where they need to be.  Accurate planting is a must with high populations.  Just a little bit of skipping or doubling on seed corn placement can mess you up.  I am all in favor of crop rotations and cover crops but to realize the advantage of cover crops, time is required.  One thing I would add is that you need to be thinking about narrow row soybeans if you are in 30 inch rows. 

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