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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Geese

I worked in the Portage des Sioux area today.  There were lots of snow geese in the air and in the fields.  One of my customers was complaining they were doing serious damage to some of the wheat fields.  Digging up and eating whole plants.  I was not able to investigate, but I am curious if others have had damage.  One of the flocks were covering about 40 acres.  I saw some flocks even bigger near Butler last night.  Hunting is encouraged.  Most wildlife managers agree that they are out of control, but it is not open season so make sure you are legal.  I have heard that snow geese make good sausage. 

1 comment:

farmnwife said...

Haven't had any stop here yet. We'll keep an eye out on our wheat field, though. No goose sausage for me. Yuck