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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crop Conditions Today

I took a little trip today to West Alton and Black Walnut, MO area today.  The Crops on the Illinois side of the trip looked as good as they can look.  Corn stands are uneven, but over half is tasseled.  Soybeans are growing well.  Corn and soybeans are both uneven because of our wet and late spring.  The crops in St. Charles County are getting stressed on the sandiest soils.  They have not had much rain since July 10.  That is hardly a drought, but dry conditions are starting to show.  On the other hand, the swales still have water in them too.  Could this be an average year?  Too wet and too dry both?  Most of the corn in St. Charles County is tasseled and starting to fill.  I saw some double crop soybeans that look pretty good. 

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