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Friday, July 12, 2013

Grain Bin building

One of my clients is building a grain bin.  Many of my farm readers have seen the scene below, but probably many non-farm readers have not.  Grain storage bins are built from  the top down.  The top ring of steel is assembled on the ground.  Then the roof is added to the structure.  After that the structure is jacked up and the next ring is assembled underneath the top one and attached.  I happened to be on site when the bin was being jacked up so that the next ring can be attached.  Another thing you might not know is that the metal in the lower rings are thicker than metal in the upper rings. Once the outer shell is in place, drying floors, dryers, stirators, and augers will be added and the ladder will be completed. 
Grain Bin Building

1 comment:

Paul Santiago said...

I've seen a lot of Ohio grain storage bins around lately. That must be a good thing!