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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flood of 1993

For people who live or have families who live and work in the floodplains of our large Rivers, the Flood of 1993 will live long in our memories.  Many acres of cropland and thousands of homes were flooded by relentless summer rains.  Valmeyer, IL is still home for many family members.  West Alton, MO is the home of many customers.  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a special this week recalling the flood.  In 1993 I was working for the St. Louis District of the Corps of Engineers.  The flood occupied my every waking moment for about two months.  I worked to help preserve the Lock and Dam at Clarksville and in my time off, I worked to help family move household goods, farm equipment, and anything else that was not attached to the ground.  I worked we'll into 1994 on repair and recovery at the Corps of Engineers.  I would like to write a book.  There are so many stories and I know a few of them.

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