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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Comments on Ilinois Weather and Crop Report

It looks like Ag Statistic Service is reporting about 70% of Illinois Corn is good to excellent.  I think that is a fair guess at least in our area.  Stands are more uneven than we would like, but generally good except in wet spots.  The reason I would report 30% fair to poor is that is about the amount that was planted after June1.  It will need to be mature before I would be happy about it.  They show 8% silked.  That is consistent with what I have seen.  In 2 weeks that number will be around 75%. 

They show soybeans as 99% planted.  That seems a little high, but we are certainly wrapping up first crop beans.  My clients yesterday and today are still patching in wet areas.  We have soybeans anywhere from knee high to just planted in our area.

They show we area little bit below average on growing degree days, but the recent heat is catching us up fast.

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