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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rainy Day

Rainy days always present something of a dilemma in deciding if to try and get some work done and where. I left the house headed west.  I got 10 miles out of town and looked at radar on my smartphone.  I decided that I should head north instead of west in order to have a chance to miss the showers.  I was able to finish a customer with some wheat, hay , and unplanted fields.  It drizzled the whole time I worked, but I got done.  The rainbow was actually before I started.  If you look closely it is centered on the clump of trees.  The cloud with the blue-green tint was north of me.  The color often indicates hail.  The clouds in the bottom picture looked like they had texture.  The camera picked it up fairly well.  I was working in a landscape south of Springfield called the Grand Prairie, so I was able to see a long way. 

Hail Cloud?

Textured Clouds

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