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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spring Sampling Season a Wrap

Yesterday I wrapped up the "spring" sampling season by sampling a wheat field and a small field of soybeans.  I also took the photos below to show crop condition in our area.  The top photo is to show how uneven much of our corn is due to wetness.  The photo below it shows corn planted a little later.  It is more even, but we would really rather have corn tasseling at this time of year.  Soybeans are looking better than corn in the bottom two photos, but I could still see some uneveness.  I will try to give at least one report a week from the field as the crop year continues. 


Aron Quist said...

When I was in Peoria over the 4th of july, the corn looked much better than the beans. Of course, I dont know beans about beans, but they did look blue and stunty... Thanks for the post!

Aron Quist said...
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