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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Could your cows eat weeds?

It is getting difficult to write a daily blog with this depressing weather.  I will make a trip in the near future in the local area just to see what is going on out there.  I am losing my optimism about the crop year quickly.  Yes we could still have a soybean crop if the rain materializes this weekend.

Now about the cows eating weeds.  I got this information from Katy Voth today.  With pastures n terrible condition, you might be looking for something other than chopped corn fodder.  A word of caution about weeds.    Check for poisonous plants too.  The last thing animals will usually eat is poisonous plants, but this could easily happen this year under our conditions.  If you need help getting your cows to eat this stuff, you need to contact Kathy, 

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