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Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30 Weather and Crop Report

Crop condition continues to erode.  Only 2% of Illinois is showing adequate moisture.  I took a little ride around Montgomery County today.  The report shows 8% of corn is mature in West-Southwest area where we are located.  My guess would be closer to 25% where I tavelled.  I am judging that by ears dropped.  Once they drop the corn has no choice but to black layer.  I will say that it is possible that some of the mature corn may be uneven in certain fields with some of it still needing to mature.  Some fields around the St. Louis Area had a Sunday Rain that might help soybeans set pods.  More rain will be needed to fill pods.   

The field below is south of Nokomis.  It is a large field and it was completely harvested.  The green corn on the right is not in the same field.  I did not see any green in the area harvested.  I suspect this field was planted before April 1 and judging from the stalks probably had a decent yield.  Nitrates in stalks may prevent dry down, but this field looks like it was fairly dry.  Some of this corn may not stand well.  I expect to see some more harvested soon because of standibility issues, although most will wait for it to dry down to 20% moisture before getting too serious about harvest. 

Like everyone else, I am looking forward to the yield estimates to be released Wednesday.  I am pretty sure it will drop some.  I also suspect yields estimates will change as corn is harvested.  It is really difficult to estimate this year because yields will be a field by field thing.  We have 0 to near 200 in our county.
South Nokomis Cornfield Harvested

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