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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Travel to Pike County

We made a trip to Pike County yesterday to socialize with a colleague.  Heading out of town to the north toward Springfield corn was looking spotty at best Some fields still had some green color  but others looked to be beyond hope.  One small field is not yet tasseling and it looked like it still has a chance.  After a stop in Springfield we headed west on I-72.  Some fields looked OK, some not so good.  As we went west, corn seemed to look kind of OK.  We got off the interstate at Griggsville and on the north side of I-72 we spoted some very good looking corn.  Big ears were set and the crop looked very green.  This was not irrigated.  I know this is and isolated area, but still nice to see someone will have a crop to harvest.  Yes it does need a good rain.  Heading south toward Detroit, IL corn was not looking as good.  Two pictures below sort of catch the gamut.  Soybeans continue to survive.  They will need lots of rain to get a good pod set and fill. 
South of I-72 this corn is beyond help

Less the 2 miles from above.  Stressed but rain could still rescue this

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