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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weather and Crop Report

Weather and Crop report day is always interesting.  This week a few reporters got rain and are reporting adequate moisture, but it is still only 1% statewide.  Corn is 7% good and Soybeans are 12% good.  That must represent the rain too.  I saw some corn today that is mature.  Ears are dropped, so there will be no more yield added.  Yes this is drought induced, but the ears have grain and the whole field is mature although some parts are more green than others.  I am expecting to hear that some are having problems getting carn to dry down although the heat may overcome that issue.

Randy is taking a trip to Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Southern Minnesota, so I am planning to pass along his updates.  Agriculture.Com is covering a Crop tour from Ohio to Nebraska this week.  They  have filed the first report.    There will be many others doing yield estimates in the next few weeks as well, so we will have some idea of the expected yield soon.  I expect everyone is looking forward to the USDA August 1 report as well although they have a poor record in the past few years. 

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