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Saturday, July 21, 2012

CRP Haying and Grazing

CRP haying and grazing may be an important part of you grazing plan this year.  The first step is to contact your FSA office and see if your county is approved.  Follow their instructions.

Below information is straight from FSA.  More information on the requirements.

Emergency Haying and Grazing

____________   has been approved for emergency haying and/or grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres.  Listed below are the facts:
1.        Haying and grazing Authorization is effective August 2, 2012.
2.       Haying is authorized from August 2 thru August 31, 2012.
3.       Grazing is authorized from August 2 thru September 30, 2012.
4.       Participants must request approval before haying or grazing eligible acres.
5.       Producers must obtain a modified conservation plan for NRCS.
6.       Haying can be done on 50% of the acreage and grazing can be done on 75%
7.       Participants are limited to one cutting of hay and are NOT permitted to sell any of the hay.
8.       There is 10% CRP payment reduction per acre used.
9.       Producers who do not have livestock, may rent or lease the haying and grazing privileges.  

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