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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bond County

We took a little trip to Greenville today to visit Marcoot Jersey Creamery south of Greenville.  We bought some of their delicious cheese and cheese curds.  They also sell Milk produced and bottled at another dairy.  They sell cheese, ice cream and butter from their dairy as well as meat.  It was and impressive operation and I wish them the best. 

My crop report is that once again it looks like about 95% of the corn is harvested.  75 to 80 % of soybeans are also harvested.  It looked like most farmers were taking a rest from harvest because we only saw one combine in the field.  A lot of the remaining soybeans are ready to harvest but the field below will not be ready for a week or so.  We saw several fields with various states of greenness, so harvest will not be done for a while even though it is progressing nicely.  Also saw 2 fields of grain sorghum that are not ready to harvest. 

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