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Monday, October 18, 2010

Soil Moisture and temperture.

Cut a Wide swath today

I started my day in Fillmore where soil temperature at 10AM was 55.  Crop progress was excellent and I worked on a customer who is done.  He had lots of wheat sowed.  I have seen more wheat sowed than I have seen in many years. 

I went to Staunton and then to Livingston.  Progress was good in those areas too.  It was interesting that everywhere I worked today, I could see the Coffeen power plant. 

Illinois Crop Report came out today.  Harvest progress around the state is progressing at record pace.  I found myself working on land that did not get done until November 27 last year an I know I was wearing insulated Carhart Coveralls.  It was interesting that 62% of the people were reporting short on moisture.  My observation is that topsoil moisture is OK in undisturbed and no-tilled areas.  Chisel plowing has caused all the topsoil moisture to go away in those ares that are tilled.  We could use a bit of rain, but wheat seems to be emerging without rain.  I would not call it short.  I don't keep records, but it seems we have not had any rain to amount to anything in over a month.

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