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Friday, October 8, 2010


I worked north of Fillmore today.  The landscape looks very open by now although there are still plenty of soybeans to harvest.  Corn was still being harvested as well, but it is 90% done.  I sampled soybean ground all day. 

The ground was not particularly dry, but it is getting very hard.  Combine and auger wagon tire tracks were especially hard.  Ground seems to be working better now for those who are tilling.  Moisture content seems about right for tillage now, even deep tillage if you want. 

We should be thankful for the wonderful harvest so far.  I don't usually comment on markets but it was interesting how much USDA downgraded the corn crop and what that did to the market.  If I remember the numbers correctly, the shorter new crop just about made up for the extra old crop corn we found a few weeks ago.  I think the downgrading of the yield is pretty reflective of what is actually going on.  It might drop more because the later corn will not be as good as what is harvested already.

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