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Friday, October 15, 2010


I had views like the one below all morning.  A wonderful cool fall morning in Illinois.  I was working in the Fillmore area today and soil temperature at 10AM was 58.  Why was it warmer than yesterday?  The ground was drier.  Dry ground warms faster than wet ground.  Not sure if the bean stubble vs corn stubble had anything to do with it.  Just proves you need a thermometer to check each field.  Today was the first time since fall of 2007 that I used a hammer to sample.  The ground is not extremely dry, but just hard from compaction.  IT is cracking so that will help on the surface at least.  Tillage now that it is dry would help too.  Just keep conservation plans in mind.  There were still some soybeans with green leaves, so harvest could stretch into November but 80% of beans were done and maybe 95% of corn.  Field activities include harvesting corn and soybeans, fertilizer application.  Lime application, and wheat sowing.  Yes I saw my first drill in the field.  I know many are sowing, I just have not seen them. 

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