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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scenic obsolescence

Yesterday I took the day off from sampling and blogging to fulfill community service obligations.  I have been a member of Kiwanis for 22 years.  Kiwanis is the only service club dedicated to serving the children of the world.  Two or three times a year we raise funds so we can continue to help kids in our community.  Saturday was peanut day.  I spent the day standing on hard surfaces, which wore me out.  Then it was trick or treat time.  Seeing the little ghouls and goblins is always great fun. 
One of my favorite things to photograph is corn cribs.  These cleverly designed buildings have become obsolete, replaced by grain bins. 

I don't usually photograph barns because every seems to have a barn collections. This barn however caught my eye.  The sundog in the photo seems to add to it in a way because the barn is a dim image of its former self.  I saw this barn and it made me curious about it's past.  Barns are now replaced by livestock confinement buildings and pole barns. 

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