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Monday, November 1, 2010

Illinois weather and crop report Nitrogen Management

Illinois weather and crop report says corn is 98% harvested and soybeans are 99% harvested.  Around 50% of the state says they are short on moisture.  My area, West Southwest has had a bit of rain, but not much.  I have not been finding it short except in chisel plowed ground.  The deep tillage can certainly be justified this year after 2 wet falls in a row and 3 wet crop years in a row, there is lots of compaction.  It looks like Anhydrous ammonia is being applied everywhere that it is considered to be suitable.  Remember that IL rt 16 is the cutoff.  If you are not in or north of a county that route 16 runs thru, you should certainly not even consider fall applied Nitrogen.  My experience, gained by nitrogen testing is that even around Route 16, Fall applied nitrogen is very hit and miss.  It might work, but a warm wet spring might mess it up for you.  South of Route 16 chances are that sometime during the winter warm weather will cause nitrification and leaching.

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